Three Ways To Help Your Child Transition To Preschool

7 August 2017
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The day that your child begins preschool will be a momentous occasion for both you and your child. In order to help your child be prepared for this experience, you must be mindful of some information that parents will frequently fail to appreciate or understand.

Know That Your Child Will Pick Up On Your Stress

One of the most important things to keep in mind throughout this experience is that your child will pick up on your emotions. This means that a stressed out parent will likely have a stressed out child. Considering the major changes and transitions that preschool will demand of your child, it is important to be as calm and confident as possible throughout this experience. This will help to give your child a good role model for handling the stress and uncertainty that can come with starting preschool.

Take Active Steps To Reduce Your Child's Separation Anxiety

A key issue during this transition will be your child adjusting to being separated from you. Starting these programs may be the first time that a child is separated from their parent for extended periods of time. Not surprisingly, this can lead to tantrums and other forms of misbehaving as the child attempts to adjust to this separation. You will want to start preparing your child for this separation well before starting school. Ideally, the weeks leading to your child starting preschool should include activities that will help to foster independence and confidence in your child. You may find that story time at the local library can be a viable option. If your town does not offer this, you may want to arrange for a friend to watch your child for several hours or longer so that they will still enjoy the benefit of easing into being separated from you for an entire school day.

Appreciate The Importance Diet Will Have On Your Child's School Experience

There will be many factors and considerations that must be met if your child is to have a pleasant and productive experience with preschool. Unfortunately, parents will often overlook the importance of diet when it comes to being productive and happy at school. On days when your child will be attending preschool, you should strive to ensure that they eat a balanced breakfast, and you may want to pack their lunch for them. Packing their lunch will ensure that they have food that they enjoy so that being hungry in the afternoon will not lead to the child becoming irritable.

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