3 Things Your Child Needs To Learn While They Are Preschool Aged

11 January 2018
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Having a child prepare for school is very exciting. Many parents wonder if they are doing enough with their preschooler to make sure that they are prepared academically. There are many different programs and ways of thinking that it can be confusing to know what kind of program is the best. Instead of focusing on the specific program, try focusing on what the child should be learning and you should be fine. Here are some things that the program should include.

1. Social Skills

So many parent focus on the academics that they don't realize how important it is that the child learn the proper social skills of cooperation. This can happen with children their own age, or even children older or younger. This is a chance for them to learn how to share, how to play a game together, what to do when you encounter something you do like and so forth. If your child isn't in situations where they are with other children, consider putting them in a gymnastic, sports, or music class where they can be around other children. Even play dates hosted at your house or another persons house can be very effective. Just making sure they get around other children is important.

2. Imagination

Again, many parents dismiss this as not a vital part of learning, but it actually is. Many children are taught so much academics that they don't get to have that play time to use their imagination. Imagination is vital to their success later. By having a good imagination they will be able to visualize the things they need later, like history, math, engineering, even sciences. If the child is unable to visualize things in their head, they will struggle with academics. So let the child play, let them play house and make believe and know that they are growing their brains just as they should.

3. Early Recognition

Lastly, you shouldn't force academics on your child if they aren't ready. But you can help to them recognize things. Just because your child isn't ready at 5 doesn't mean that they won't be a good reader. Instead, foster a love of learning and encourage them to recognize their letters, numbers, shapes and colors. If they aren't excited about sitting down and doing school, teach them through songs, while playing games and so forth. You will be surprised how much they will learn when they are ready.

By knowing these things you can help your child be ready for kindergarten. For more information, contact establishments like Preston Kiddie Kollege.