How To Use Children's Books To Encourage Your Child To Brush Their Teeth

18 February 2021
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Books can be a wonderful source of entertainment, but they can also be a valuable learning tool, especially for children. Young children are still learning all about themselves and the way the world works. One of the things children must learn is the importance of good hygiene. Books can help kids in this arena. For example, you can find children's books designed to encourage kids to brush their teeth. Here are four ways you can use kids' books to encourage oral hygiene.

1. Read to your child. 

Very young children can't read by themselves. Even older children may enjoy the experience of being read to. You can use a kids' hygiene book to teach your child by reading to them. Use a hygiene book as a bedtime story. Hygiene books made for children feature beautiful illustrations in vivid color. They also include fun characters and language that's easy for kids to understand.

2. Make up catchy melodies.

Kids have shorter attention spans than adults, and they may be more forgetful as well. Music can be a good tool for encouraging memorization. Try making up fun songs based on the words in your child's hygiene books. Songs about brushing your teeth will help kids remember the message. You should remember that kids love being silly and having fun. When it comes to your toothbrushing song, sillier is better. Have fun with it and get your child to sing along. Your child will be looking forward to brushing their teeth in no time.

3. Purchase age-appropriate books.

As kids get older, they become ready to take on more responsibilities. Older children have a higher capacity for understanding and may want to know why they should brush their teeth. Make sure your child's library grows with them. Look for age-appropriate books to teach children more about toothbrushing and oral care. Older kids may be ready to learn about plaque, tartar, and the way these substances can lead to the formation of cavities.

4. Ask your child to teach you.

It may sound counterintuitive, but having your child teach you about oral hygiene is actually a great way for them to learn. In order to teach others, a person must have a good grasp of the material. Let your child pretend to be your teacher. They can use their hygiene books as a lesson plan and tell you all about the importance of brushing and flossing.

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