What Will You Do With Your Kids Until You Come Home From Work?

27 October 2019
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Are you about to return to the work force after being a stay-at-home mom for several years? If so, maybe you are lucky enough to be at home to say goodbye to your kids when they leave on the school bus each school day morning. On the other hand, maybe you have to get to work super early. And then there's the fact that you don't get off work until school is over for the day.

Whether it's just after school care that you need, or whether you need a place for the kids before school starts, maybe you already have a plan for what you'll do with your kids while you're away from them. Or, you might still be looking for solutions. If so, from arranging for childcare before and after school to hiring a caregiver, here are some ideas that might help you.

Arrange For Childcare Before and After School - Can you believe that there are individuals who are willing to be up even earlier than the time you leave for work? Count your blessings for those who do that! 

Before your children go to the childcare facility, of course you'll want to make arrangements ahead of time. On the first day they go to childcare, think of taking them in to meet those who will be caring for them. That will also give them a chance to see what they'll be doing while they're there, and they'll get to meet the other kids. In fact, they might be surprised to see some of their friends already there. If there's homework to be done, the caregivers might be happy to lend a helping hand. And, for sure there will be fun activities for them to enjoy while they are at childcare.

While you will drop your child off at the childcare place, there will be safe transportation to deliver them to school in plenty of time so that they won't be late. And, after the school day is over, the childcare facility bus will be there promptly to pick your children up from school. 

​A Different Solution - Maybe you are home when the kids are going to school every morning. That solves part of your problem, right? If you aren't comfortable with them being at a childcare facility, think of hiring somebody to be at your home when your kids get home from school. 

Or, you might have a neighbor who would be very willing to have your children at his or her home until you get home from work. Whether you compensate them with money or whether you occasionally give them something like a generous gift card, this might be the perfect solution for you.

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